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Old poems

In your own world
You live here in your own world
Its perfect here
No fears
No worries
No problems
You cant even come to see the fact
That your perfect world
Isnt real!!
So stop living in it
And face the real world.....

Mind Weakens
Legs tremble
Heart races
My whole body shakes
Blood drips
Tears explode
Heart breaks
Eyes widen
Heat stops
Body turns to cold stone...

You stare into my eyes
I see right through you
I know u are lieing
So tell the truth
Or ill kill you!
DOnt mess with me
You know ill hurt you
In the way i cant explain
So stop staring into my dead...
Blank blue eyes
Cause i can see right through u!

Knocked out
Forced into a boat
Cut up
Dragged to the outside of the boat
Tied to a cement block with my bloddy body..
Eyes widen open
Trying to scream and get out
Left dead on the calm Pacific
Never herd from or seen
Ever again..

Left Nameless..
Who are you?
Why have u came into my life?
You make me cry
You are making me die inside
Fuck you!!
U reuend my life
Rot in hell

Perception of Murder
Eyes glazed
Dead stare
Don't move
Its comnig for me
No one can hear me
No one is coming to help
I guess no one cares
Then let it kill me
Free shot
Blood everywere
Curled in the alley
Eyes glazed
Dead stare

What is wrong with me?!?!
I feel cold and dark inside
Everyone around me happy....
In my mind i cant concentrate!!
Everyone scilent
But yet...
Happy expressions on there face....
My head filled with screams
My arms covered in blood
Eyes glazed
I feel cold and dark inside..

Road Kill
Rotten corpes
On the freeway
Dismembered body parts
Festering blood drippige
Decayed smell of corpes
On the freeway
Vultures picking at you body
Everyone jsut staring...
At the
Rotten corpes
On the freeway

WAt do u think??
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