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poems and such

AS you look into my blue eyes
You know im lost
You know how much uve hurt me
Im never coming back to you
AS i walk away
I see your soul sink into a black hole of filth
I turn around to laugh at your misfourtone
For now you know how i have felt!

Words of advice:
Have you ever had the feeling were your soul is lost and it can never be found? well while you are searching your life jsut piles more and more shit waiting for you at your gravestone.Then you feel as if you are ugly inside and out and nothing can be fixed no matter wat the hell people say.
I dont understand how poepl obsess over the smallest thinngs when there are bigger things to worry about than you bloddy broken nail! and your friend has a situation and tells u its a life or death kind of a thing. But you are too stuck up so far up your ass to even have a reality around you asnd to even have the cutosy to help others.
Dont ever belibe the saying "real friends are forever!!" because the truth is tat later in life your friendship ends and you start to fight with them for months or even years because of that you get fusterated and you stay scilent to the person jsut because you dont want to resolve the problem and call it a fucking day!
So in conclusion no matter how you put iy something is bound to fuck up you life one wsay or another so be prepared so ytou dont get so fucked up in the end. but anyway yuou are bound to get fucked up forever one way or another even if its a small problem it will still fuck you up a little bit no matter wat the hell it is!!

All spoken and wriiten by yours truley!!
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